Friday, September 26, 2008

Unison Takes Gold in Brandon Hall Excellence in Learning Awards

I have three kids (ages 14, 8, and 11) and I have to admit that seeing Unison, our collaborative rapid e-learning development web application, win Gold in one of the e-learning industry's top award competitions is something akin to seeing one of your kids do something great.

The ground-breaking collaborative and web-based online course authoring features in Unison have been in the works for years and we've worked innumerable late nights and early mornings getting it to market. We have an exceptional team of designers, programmers, marketing, and support staff and it is one of the most satisfying things to date to see their hard work recognized and acclaimed.

While industry awards are great and coveted and we appreciate them as much as anyone, I am, in many ways, more gratified to get phone calls and emails from our customers that are already using Unison praising our efforts and explaining how they are able to meet their objectives better by using Unison. Having the financial votes of confidence and support from T-Mobile, Intermountain Healthcare, Costco, Petsmart, Baker Hughes, General Physics, and so many others adds the kind of credibility to what we are doing that an award can never do. Our Unison customers are our life blood and our best supporters.

In an effort to keep the nature of competition friendly and fun, Brandon Hall asked that all acceptance speeches be in the form of a haiku or a limerick.

No, I am not kidding.

So, without further adieu, here's the "award winning" Unison Limerick (authored by Isaac, our Unison Project Manager):

Unison makes collaborative courses
With content from various sources,
Whether it's clients or SMEs,
With every user you need
You finally all can join forces.

CONGRATULATIONS to my dedicated and incredible team at Rapid Intake! I don't express it as often as I should--I work with some of the best professionals and people I know. I'm proud to lead, work with, and learn from and with them.

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Gary H said...

Garin, Congratulations! The award is well deserved. Your team has put together a great tool that allows people to truly collaborate in ways other tools can't.